Responsive Website’s For All Your Devices

  The popularity of tablets and smart phones has made it necessary that websites work on all your devices… Almost 50% of searches on the Internet are conducted on either a tablet or mobile phone. It is for this reason that responsive websites are in high demand. In the past accessing the Internet was mostly initiated from a desktop computer or laptop. However, with the technological breakthroughs in tablets and mobile devices, accessing the Internet has become faster and more appealing to users. The search engine companies (Google, Yahoo & Bing) have expressed their desire for websites to be created with all types of devices in mind. Responsive means just what it says. A responsive website does just that, it responds to the device that is accessing it. For instance if you access a website on your desktop it will appear a certain way. However, if you access the same website on your mobile phone it will appear differently than your desktop computer. The reason for this is that a responsive website will respond to the device that is accessing it and realign it’s copy, pictures and navigation buttons. If the web designer has done their job properly the user

A National Internet Presence

  How do you get national coverage for your local business inexpensively ? The problems that surface are… usually related to finances. For example the costs associated with opening up 50 satellite offices strategically targeted in the areas that would help your business are absorbent.   Create a national infrastructure of offices strategically situated to your custom needs. Technology has made it possible to be in one place at one time and because of this it is possible to have representation simultaneously in hundreds of places spread out over the United States or even the world. This can be accomplished if choreographed, executed and maintained properly at costs far below conventional expectations. Imagine you have a business with one core geographic location but have a product or service that can prosper with a national presence. It’s not for everyone that’s for sure, but it might be for you. Have you even considered a national presence with local representation ? You may want to talk to a marketing company about your options.

Google Business Listings

Google Business Listings Listing your business with Google in their “Google My Business” program is very important. In fact listing your… business with several key online directories is crucial for a consistent representation of your business. Online directories that seem to be more effective than others include Yahoo, Bing, Yellow Pages and Yelp. The process to submit your business listing is not very complicated and helps you make sure that your information is correctly being advertised on the directories. The best way to list your business. You can easily search “Google My Business” and find the link that can assist you in submitting your business. In addition Yahoo, Bing and the other online business directories have similar protocols. Once you do one the others will be easier. If you have any problems or questions please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll help you for free.  

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is not anything new because we have been socially engaging business opportunities for hundreds of years… The only clear difference between now and let’s say the “Roman Empire” is technology and usage. Taking advantage of social media to benefit your business is what’s on everyones mind. Facebook is an example of social media, but can you profit from a Facebook social media campaign ? The answer is maybe. If your business can persuade someone on Facebook to buy your product or service, then yes you might be able to turn a profit by using it. Making a connection with people that converts to revenue is social media marketing. Let’s say you have a new skin cream that removes wrinkles under your eyes in less than five minutes. Depending on how big your Facebook friends list is, you may be able to get the word out to them and launch a social media frenzy. In the end any exposure anywhere can always be good for a business but if you can create a buzz in a social media forum it should be less expensive and more profitable.

Reputation Management

Your companies reputation is your companies brand. Your brand defines who your company is and if your reputation… is not equal to your brand chances are business may not be so great. Certain sources that can effect your online reputation include client reviews, articles about your business, complaints, recommendations, referrals, awards and consistency through all the different reputation sources there are. Your Online reviews probably are the most important.