My company generates leads for niche travel clients such as adults only resorts etc… We had a problem of convoluted leads that we were spending a lot of money on just to wind up with only a handful that we could use. We met with Sergio and he came up with a unique idea to create a website that generated enough organic traffic related to adults only travel.

Strategically placed ad’s through out the website pages solicited interest from people targeting the specific types of leads we needed. We are now receiving about 300 good leads per month because of it and have been able to reduce our costs by almost 30%.

I had known Sergio for almost four years before we started working with each other. I must say that I would recommend him to anyone thinking about advertising on the Internet. He did not rush in and talk about all the great things he was going to do for us. Instead he listened to me talk about my company and what our needs were. He was able to clearly map out a strategy that was easy to understand and could be measured.

I felt comfortable with him from the start and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in growing their business.

Lori Morreale / County Energy HVAC - New Port Richey, FL

We had a unique proposition for GEOSite Marketing. We needed national exposure for our local based business. It was unique in the sense that our budget did not allow us to consider standard, conventional options. However, Sergio came up with a creative plan to get us coverage in the areas we felt would be more effective. We were able to do this for about 80% less than what the normal costs would have been.

It is refreshing to be able to work with a company that thinks outside of the box and cares about my success as much as theirs.

Andrew Scallgia - Real Estate Time Share - NJ

Sergio has been handling my website and Internet marketing for over three years now. Prior to doing business with Sergio I had not been able to gain an effective Internet presence for the types of law I wanted to practice. However, since our relationship commenced I can adamantly say that I now have an Internet presence in the areas I wanted.

Sergio is a good communicator and have found him easy to work with. I recommend him to anyone looking for a presence online that actually makes a difference.

Randall Love - Attorney - Hudson, FL