Social Media Is Not Anything New.
The only clear difference between now and let’s say the “Roman Empire” is technology and usage. Taking advantage of social media to benefit your business is what’s on everyones mind. Facebook is an example of social media, but can you profit from a Facebook social media campaign ? The answer is maybe. If your interaction on Facebook can domino into other interactions that motivate people to buy your product or service, then yes you might be able to turn a profit by using it.

Making a connection with people and converting that interaction into revenue is social media marketing.
Let’s say you have a new skin cream that removes wrinkles under your eyes in less than five minutes. Depending on how big your Facebook friends list is, you may be able to get the word out to them and launch a social media frenzy. In the end any exposure anywhere can always be good for a business but if you can create a buzz in a social media forum it can’t hurt and if you’re lucky it might help a lot.